Sue Deyell


IMG 9698r Imagine fun-loving, quick-witted radio and tv personality Sue Deyell, working at your company, helping your employees do their job!! That’s what you’ll get when you join the ‘cast’ of Remodel It! With HER. Remodel It! With HER is a chance to profile and promote yourself and your company within a half hour television show, with each episode revolving around a different business; it’s basically a 22-minute business profile all about you!! What sets this show apart is that Sue Deyell will become one of your employees for a day! She will bring her humour and sense of fun to your workplace, and do whatever job you give her! It doesn’t matter if the job is bizarre, dirty or difficult, Sue will try her hand at Magazine coverit...despite the fact she is afraid of power tools, heights and breaking a sweat!! Sue Deyell is radio celebrity, who’s been entertaining people for more than 18 years. She has a large fan base of men and women who love her sense of humour and fun! Sue is bright, attractive, energetic and likable, and loves to laugh at herself! She has rubbed elbows with numerous tv and music stars, and has made the jump into television with ease! Sue will approach each episode of Remodel It! With HER, with the attitude "I can do that" -- and with the help of your employees, she will -- and have fun along the way! Being on Remodel It! With HER will elevate the profile of your business, showcasing what you have to offer, and promoting you as a leader in your industry. As a direct result, your business will be exposed to a large new pool of potential customers and will increase your profitability. Having your business profiled on television will also showcase you to new employees, anxious to work with a progressive company that is proud to show off its accomplishments and forward-thinking attitude.

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